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Times of severe weather often results in power failure in McKenzie & Camden.  Right when you need essential heating, cooling, plumbing, lighting, and sump pumps the most.  Rather than suffer discomfort, inconvenience, property damage, and even safety issues, call on Central Refrigeration for a simple and reliable solution.  With proper installation of a quality standby generator, we eliminate the consequences of  power loss.  Our licensed technicians help you determine the right size, model, and features for your specific requirements, handle every stage of installation, and verify proper operation.

Trusted Generator Installations & Maintenance

Central Refrigeration doesn’t risk your investment on substandard products.  Established in 1965, we have the experience to recommend only those standby generators with proven histories of dependability.  Drawing from leading manufacturers, we provide an automatic source of power, whether you are on or off the premises.  Your standby generator requires no manual start up or refueling, and will operate for as long as necessary, automatically transferring responsibility and returning to standby mode when power is restored.  You can also choose to power specific appliances or the entire home, and avoid any interruption of your everyday life.  Contact Central Refrigeration at 731-393-4013 for further information and expert generator installation, maintenance, and repair throughout McKenzie, Camden, Paris, Milan, Martin, Buchanan, Bruceton, Gleason, Dresden, Huntingdon, & Cottage Grove, TN.