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Properly designed, installed, and maintained ductwork is essential to an efficient and reliable heating/cooling system.  Ducts need to be accurately sized, placed, sealed, and cleaned to promote quiet, cost-saving, and consistent performance from HVAC equipment.  At Central Refrigeration, we specialize in sheet metal and ductwork fabrication, installation, and cleaning for new and existing residential and commercial facilities.  Established in 1965, we’ve handled every type of project, from simple to complex, for home and business owners in McKenzie & Paris.  No matter what challenge you might face, you can count on the experts from Central Refrigeration to deliver quality products, workmanship, and customer service.

Ductwork services you can depend on!

Our NATE-certified professionals evaluate existing ducting, determining condition and if it’s sufficient for your requirements.  If ducts are too small or clogged, they may lead to noisy operation, overheating, poor air quality, and damage to the central air system.  Sometimes, old vents are not effectively located for conditioned air to enter a room and provide maximum benefit.  Drawing from extensive industry experience and factory direct training, the team from Central Refrigeration will develop and implement worthwhile strategies to boost energy savings, enhance comfort, and protect the dependability of your HVAC system.  Ductwork can make a significant impact on your long term satisfaction with your heating/cooling unit, so it’s extremely important that service is completed by a qualified HVAC contractor.  Know that at Central Refrigeration, we hold ourselves to exacting standards in every service we provide.

Central Refrigeration specializes in sheet metal fabrications, allowing us to provide a broad range of rewarding services to home and business owners throughout McKenzie & Paris.  We take the time to consider all factors and work with you to fabricate ductwork that will integrate seamlessly into your indoor space.  To ensure precision, efficiency, and quality, our engineers utilize groundbreaking software to custom design a system that is perfect for your specific space.  Ductwork is hand fabricated in our shop, meeting 2014 energy code guidelines, and meticulously installed, so that your heating/cooling unit delivers greater return for your investment.

Along with faultless design, fabrication, and installation, ducts must be maintained in peak condition to protect ongoing performance of your HVAC system.  Clogged and contaminated ductwork restricts airflow, places excess wear and tear on heating/cooling equipment, and can lead to inefficiency, more frequent repairs, shortened service life, and degraded air quality.  Because of energy saving measures throughout your home or business, the amount of air transfer between inside and outside has been greatly reduced.  Pollutants that enter the indoor space are often trapped and continuously re-circulated.  When mold or bacteria is allowed to flourish within the HVAC system, it may be introduced into the airstream and breathed by occupants, causing serious health concerns.  Through proven processes and state-of-the-art equipment, the seasoned professionals from Central Refrigeration eliminate stubborn contaminants and debris from ductwork without causing damage.

Enjoy a more efficient heating and cooling system with expert duct cleaning and ductwork installation services!

Contact Central Refrigeration for custom sheet metal fabrication, ductwork installation, and comprehensive cleaning.  We stand behind our work, offering a money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.  All projects are handled quickly, and in an organized fashion, with no damage or mess left behind.  Family owned and operated, we don’t cut quality for the sake of volume, but stick to a personalized approach and deliver results that stand up to time, use, and weather.  When you’re looking for a job done right, Central Refrigeration is your trusted solution.