WiFi Thermostats

Advancements in design and technology have improved the function, usability, and look of modern thermostats.  Comfort control is no longer limited to a numerical setting.  Sophisticated WiFi Thermostats deliver energy savings, cost savings, and convenience, making your everyday life that much easier.  Contact Central Refrigeration, and our licensed specialists will explain the many advantages of a WiFi Thermostat, provide helpful recommendations, and complete accurate installation.  Wall-mounted, customized to your preferences, touch-screen, and attractive, these innovative products act as a universal remote, managing your schedule and facilitating system maintenance.  On-screen menus offer user-friendly graphics that guide you through programs, setting adjustments, local weather forecasts, energy conservation tips, energy history, filter alerts, and much more!  With a savings of 20% on heating and cooling costs, a WiFi thermostat quickly pays for itself.  Give us a call at 731-393-4013 for thermostat installation in McKenzie & Paris, and experience a new level of comfort.

Enjoy the convenience of a WiFi thermostat!

With a WiFi thermostat you can access your HVAC system from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Whether you are at home or away, you are in control.  And with real-time monitoring, you’re always updated.  You don’t need to be on the premises or physically walk up to the thermostat to make adjustments or receive information.  Respond to unexpected schedule changes, activities within the home, or personal preferences, from virtually anywhere, at any time.  Delayed at work?  Coming home from vacation early?  Maybe a particular room is a little too hot or too cold.  You’re never too far away to coordinate the comfort of your home environment.  You’ll take advantage of maximum energy saving potential, and safeguard against unnecessary waste.  You’ll stay on top of maintenance needs, filter changes, temperature swings, high/low humidity, and energy use to better manage day-to-day and long term performance.  Your thermostat will even contact us at Central Refrigeration of any fault codes or upkeep requirements for quicker attention.

Get the most out of your heating and cooling systems with modern WiFi thermostat installation!

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Central Refrigeration specializes in the most intelligent thermostats and controls on the market today.  Our technicians are factory trained and remain current with groundbreaking technology, allowing us to provide informed suggestions, detailed explanations of all features, and proper installation.  Family owned and operated, we constantly find new ways to make our customers lives easier, simpler, and more comfortable.  We’ve handled the installation of residential and commercial thermostats across McKenzie & Paris since 1965.  While many of those same thermostats are still operational, you may want to consider a quick, cost-effective upgrade into a state-of-the-art WiFi Thermostat.  These advanced systems not only offer all sorts of exciting features, they are remarkably easy to operate.  When you contact Central Refrigeration for installation, we complete your project quickly, and make sure you’re familiar with all features.  Get the absolute highest rewards from your investment.  Call Central Refrigeration today!